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NABOC (National Aboriginal Business Opportunities Conference) April 2015

Location: Prince Rupert, BC

TDB and LHI Tutl’it Service Inc participated in the 2015 National Aboriginal Business Opportunities Conference in Prince Rupert BC. NABOC is an annual event focussed on networking and promoting equal opportunities for all Aboriginal businesses and business relationships. This conference offers a unique opportunity for Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal businesses to meet with private sector organizations.

Safety Day May 2015

TDB hosts its Safety Day where all staff come together to focus on safety at the start of the new field season. All employees were encouraged to spend the day reviewing safety procedures and updating safety certificates. Putting aside one day to review safe practices allows TDB to retain their impressive safety record.




BUSINESS EXAMINER - July 2015 Spotlight on TDB
TDB Consultants on the Leading Edge in B.C.'s Resource Sector 

PRINCE GEORGE - For many of the largest players in the resource sector in BC and beyond, TDB Consultants Inc. in Prince George is the go-to resource management company that specializes in providing contracting and consulting services for land management, geomatics and engineering. The company is particularly known for its forestry engineering expertise. It is also one of the province’s largest contractors in log scaling. Other niche markets include vegetation clearing, especially fire fuel treatments in municipalities and park lands, and the energy sector.

TDB Consultants was founded by the company’s namesake, Timothy Douglas Baines, in 1987 to serve the forest industry. Baines left in 1999 to pursue other interests. Today, TDB is owned by two partners: president and CEO Dick Mynen and vice president Robert Kragt. TDB is known for providing quality, customized solutions to the natural resource community.

“We help forest companies develop their harvesting strategies and operational plans.” Mynen said. “We define and layout those areas, do the permitting for them including silviculture, design their roads and bridges and handle their access issues. We are their permitting go to company and their technical support.”

Essentially, TDB does everything related to forest harvest management. That takes everything into account, including the vision of the forest company, where it wants to develop, where it is allowed to harvest, and how to maximize its yield – all while taking best forest management practices into account including the health of the forest, streams, rivers, fish and wildlife.

TDB’s service to the energy sector is similar, supporting roads and access development with a focus on the engineering and construction aspects of exploration sites and wind farm sites.

“Once they decide where to go, they have to determine their access in there and how to prepare the sites,” Mynen said. “Similar types of permits are involved and so, again, you’re looking at providing the same kind of expertise.”

TDB works with resource developers and agencies in the province including BC Timber Sales, Canfor, Conifex, GeoBC and more. It works with governments and parks including Banff National Park. It sends field crews out across the province and works beyond BC as well.

Most recently, TDB has become well-known for its aerial mapping across Canada. It has mapped Prince Edward Island, parts of New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta and a large portion of British Columbia. In fact, TDB has become one of the largest provincial based mapping service providers generating new terrain (bare earth) and surface models (tree canopy) for large projects.

Mynen noted that the new technology in photogrammetric mapping is so accurate it is becoming the new government standard for the province serving the resource industry.

“We’ve become the biggest player in that field,” Mynen said. “It’s very exciting, it’s innovative and it’s an area that we have done a lot of work in, so we’re very proud to be an initial pilot project contractor. We’ve also subsequently won three major projects with the government.”

Mynen said that TDB is the company of choice for so many firms and organizations because it offers complete services.

“We typically start out with aerial mapping, do an aerial survey and do as much as we can from photographs. We will do much of their timber inventory from the air, design roads, design cut blocks – and then we’ll take our field crews out there and confirm what we have surveyed. It reduces the amount of boots on the ground, which saves money and allows us to do more.”

TDB’s work comes through competitive bidding and renewable contracts. One entire page on the firm’s website is dedicated to testimonials from clients who praise the company’s expertise, safety record and quality of work.

“It’s something we’re very proud of,” Mynen said. “Since TDB started, we have been known for big projects and that’s what we prefer. We have an infrastructure that’s capable of supporting that. Having that depth of knowledge in-house is one of our key strengths.” He added that the future holds even more growth.

“My partner and I bought out our three partners in 2012 because of our optimism for the future. We see a positive outlook in the north. We’re excited about moving forward, and excited about growing – that is our dream: to grow and to become bigger players in the areas we have branched out into.” He added that TDB also has a strong belief in partnerships. Since 2008, TDB and Stephen Bros Contracting Ltd. started a joint venture partnership in the First Nations company LHI Tutl’it Services Inc., with George Lacerte of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation.

"The LHI relationship has become very successful and we are proud of its achievements," Mynen said, adding that TDB has also partnered with the University of Northern British Columbia on a number of research projects.

“These are examples of our belief that being part of something bigger makes us stronger,” Mynen said.

TDB Consultants Inc. is at 2032 River Road in Prince George.


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