Sept. 22, 2009 - Technology moves BC company into new terrain

PRINCE GEORGE - A Prince George-based company has invested in technology that will open up new opportunities in the resource industry. TDB announced today that it has acquired the Menzi Muck A91, a walking excavator that works in extreme conditions with various attachments such as a felling & processing head, mulching head and various buckets.

"This is revolutionary Swiss technology that will allow our resource partners to literally explore new terrain, with less impact on the environment," says Wade Sjodin, President of TDB.

The Spider is a Processor/Excavator that is mounted on a special chassis, and is adept at working in steep terrain and smaller spaces. The independent rubber tire and "walking" capability allows it to work in environmentally sensitive work sites due to biodegradable hydraulic fluids and low ground pressure.

"We believe that to survive in this industry, British Columbia companies must continually search out new technology and business practices that will set them apart," says Sjodin. "This investment demonstrates to our customers that TDB is continues to adapt and respond to their unique environmentally sensitive requirements while remaining as productive as possible."

TDB is a fully integrated and competitive contractor for major forestry and resource management contracts throughout British Columbia and Canada. The firm has been in business for more than 20 years and has a staff of over 100 experienced and trained employees. Its head office is located in Prince George, British Columbia. 

TDB's Spider excavator was manufactured by Menzi Muck, Switzerland's only excavator manufacturer. To learn more about Menzi Muck, go to


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